About Us

 LulaLoop is a family-owned business and a real example of the American entrepreneurial spirit. Based in Houston, Texas, the company is founded by an immigrant family from the Caribbean who moved to the United States in 2017 to pursue the American dream. The family has always had a desire to start their own company in the United States, be a trailblazer and create a legacy which they hope can last throughout future generations.

LulaLoop’s invention story is a classic “here’s a problem, so let’s fix it” story. On a typical school morning, the father was getting his young daughter ready to leave the house and realized that the way her hair “scrunchies” were organized was about as disastrous as it got! They were packed into a pouch which made it impossible to get to the one you wanted without throwing several on the floor. Frustrated by this constant problem, he envisioned a loop that could store and display all the scrunchies, but also allow easy retrieval of the one you wanted.  What started off as finding a way to easily store and quickly retrieve hair scrunchies evolved into an exciting new product that's perfect for jewelry display and storage.  

LulaLoop is poised to become the jewelry organizer of choice for women around the world. Our philosophy is simple: to provide a quality item that is easy to use, stylish and innovative. Simply put: LulaLoop is the future of jewelry organization and we’re proud to be leading the way!